Traits to Look for in a Lawyer

The state of greatness is a thousand strive, especially when you are a lawyer. What does it takes to be a great lawyer? As a client who is troubled with a legal problem, what traits you should look for in a lawyer? Is it someone who talks well or who has the exemplary record? Lawyers are one of the most looked professions. Thus, the traits they have are in a higher level because they will a part or even the life of their client in the courts of law. Here are five of the best traits you should look for when you hire a lawyer.

1. A great lawyer is competent. Competence is not something you can buy in store. A lawyer is competent when she is knowledgeable of the word of the laws and he knows how and when to use it in practice. It is not enough that lawyer went to law school and passed the bar. Being a competent lawyer is more than the diploma, awards and license to practice law. It is the ability to use the law to make solutions for legal problems and be able to apply the law for the betterment of the life of his clients.

2. A great lawyer is compassionate. Compassion is rare in the legal world. Compassion is feeling genuinely the problem of your client and helping them resolve it whole heartedly. The legal profession is fueled by many desires and motivation. Not all lawyers are compassionate enough to fight the battle with you; some are just after the money, fame and other malicious desires. Compassion is hard to find even in ordinary citizens, hence if you found one, keep them.

3. A great lawyer is assertive, not aggressive. Respect begets respect. Aggressiveness only stirs the emotion and nit is not solving the problem. Fort Myers DUI lawyers should be assertive instead. She should be assertive enough to impose what the law as a solution to the legal problem without being disrespectful. You assert to prove a fact and let justice be served.

4. A great lawyer perseveres. Different cases have different facts and sometimes you don’t win during first try. A lawyer that perseveres is one of a kind; he does not easily fold on setbacks. Instead, he finds a way to bounce back and get back on the game. Whether in litigation or settlements, find a perseverant lawyer that could put your best interest as a priority no matter how hard it is.

5. A great lawyer has good writing and public speaking skills. Legal writing and speaking are the fundamental skill set of a lawyer. Knowing the law is not enough. A lawyer should be able to express it in a way that he can persuade the judge or jury in his client’s favor. This skill is basic yet needs to be hone through time, experience and practice.

Great lawyers are hard to find but for sure they are just out there. Hence, when you need someone to take care of your legal transactions and problems, do not just settle for a lawyer. It is best to find a great lawyer.

Basics in Code Violation

Properties are subject for inspection in anytime of the year. Code enforcement inspectors are taking care of this to ensure that home and property owners are following the standard mandated rules and regulations. Rules and regulations are in form of codes, enforced by the community you live in, the homeowners’ association or the county. Thus, when you disobey or violated any of these, you are hereby given a code violation notice.

What is a code violation notice?

This is a document which could be in a written or electronic form that serves a notice to a home or property owner. It contains the name, address, code violated and its fines or liens. Code violations specifically states what codes did you violated like if you are using substandard materials or you did not follow color coding or proposed systems as mandated where you live in. In this document, the deadline is also included, so that your property can be subjected to a `re-inspection and so that its record will be cleared too.

Why it is important to comply?

Re-inspection will be conducted after the time frame given to fix and comply with the violations. The enforcement inspectors will visit your property again and will check if you complied with it. It is very important to comply because if not, your property will be subjected for fines or worst liens. Fines and lien violation Miami should be taken care of immediately, especially when you are planning to sell or mortgage your property.

What to do?

Problem arises when the owner has a hard time understanding what is really mean by the notice. The wordings in the notice use jargons or technical terms; which are too foreign for normal citizens. If you are experiencing these kinds of difficulties, it is best for you to consult the experts. You can also ask them to fix this for you. Before asking help, verify first. Verify the name and the exact address; make sure that it is really you they are looking for or they are really referring to your property.

Always mind the deadlines because fines and liens progress over time. Once you receive the code violation notice, immediately search the city records. Nowadays, notices can be accessed online for convenience. If your property is already subjected to fines or liens, process it immediately because every transaction has different working days. In every action ask for a receipt or acknowledgement for future reference and record. After complying and paying, ask for the Affidavit of Compliance and Release of Lien. Lastly, ask them to have your liens or fines removed from public record.

Processing to get your property cleared is costly and requires lot of time and effort. Hence, if your want an easy and no hassle, hire a professional to handle it for you. By this, you can save time, money and effort. Next time, have you property checked and maintained annually so that when annual inspections come, your property is ready and free from code violations.

How Landlords Can Waste Their Time

Time is your most valuable asset if you’re a rental property owner. In a day, we get 24 hours. Assuming that you get around 8 hours of sleep, this means you only have 17 hours a day. Competitively speaking, it can leave you at a disadvantage if you waste even several hours.

It might be time for you to search for “property managers near me” if you feel like you don’t have enough time to finish all of the responsibilities and duties that come with being a rental property owner.

However, if you don’t want to hire one, here are a couple of things to consider:

Chasing Down Rent

Of course, it can be time-consuming and frustrating to chase down rent. Late rent payments are trouble and they can eat up several hours of your day. Aside from having to spend your energy tracking it down, there is also the emotional stress that comes with worrying about getting paid.

There are a lot of methods to lower your risk of late payments. You can hire a professional property manager to do the job for you, streamline rent payments via an automated platform, or improve your tenant screening. The crucial factor is that you do not allow bad tenants to keep on draining your time. You will learn how to see good tenants over time and incorporate foolproof tactics for collecting payment on time.

Social Media

Another major distraction is social media. All you have to do is to open Facebook on your mobile device and you can easily waste hours without you even noticing it.

Deleting your social media accounts is the best thing you can do. However, it is quite obvious that you can’t do this, right? So, the next thing you can do is to get rid of the applications from your mobile device so that you can only check your accounts on your desktop.

Email Notifications

Email is very helpful. However, it is also greatly disadvantageous to your overall output and productivity. Almost every individual has their email account completely incorporated with their mobile devices. This means they get push notifications each time they receive an email. You might even get a notification every 10 minutes.

You need to disable push notifications if you want to stop email from interrupting you. Aside from that, you can also log out of your email account from your device. Then, you can set up a particular time every day when you reply, send, and check emails.

No Morning Routine

The concept of creating a morning routine might appear unrealistic if you are not a morning person. However, the reality is that individuals thrive on predictable routines. This includes yourself. These routines are particularly crucial in terms of getting your day off to an excellent start.

Your landlord morning routine might be as easy as a 20-minute progression of hopping in a shower, making toast, and drinking coffee. It can also be as complicated as 2-hour routine where you write a journal, go for a run, or meditate.