Traits to Look for in a Lawyer

The state of greatness is a thousand strive, especially when you are a lawyer. What does it takes to be a great lawyer? As a client who is troubled with a legal problem, what traits you should look for in a lawyer? Is it someone who talks well or who has the exemplary record? Lawyers are one of the most looked professions. Thus, the traits they have are in a higher level because they will a part or even the life of their client in the courts of law. Here are five of the best traits you should look for when you hire a lawyer.

1. A great lawyer is competent. Competence is not something you can buy in store. A lawyer is competent when she is knowledgeable of the word of the laws and he knows how and when to use it in practice. It is not enough that lawyer went to law school and passed the bar. Being a competent lawyer is more than the diploma, awards and license to practice law. It is the ability to use the law to make solutions for legal problems and be able to apply the law for the betterment of the life of his clients.

2. A great lawyer is compassionate. Compassion is rare in the legal world. Compassion is feeling genuinely the problem of your client and helping them resolve it whole heartedly. The legal profession is fueled by many desires and motivation. Not all lawyers are compassionate enough to fight the battle with you; some are just after the money, fame and other malicious desires. Compassion is hard to find even in ordinary citizens, hence if you found one, keep them.

3. A great lawyer is assertive, not aggressive. Respect begets respect. Aggressiveness only stirs the emotion and nit is not solving the problem. Fort Myers DUI lawyers should be assertive instead. She should be assertive enough to impose what the law as a solution to the legal problem without being disrespectful. You assert to prove a fact and let justice be served.

4. A great lawyer perseveres. Different cases have different facts and sometimes you don’t win during first try. A lawyer that perseveres is one of a kind; he does not easily fold on setbacks. Instead, he finds a way to bounce back and get back on the game. Whether in litigation or settlements, find a perseverant lawyer that could put your best interest as a priority no matter how hard it is.

5. A great lawyer has good writing and public speaking skills. Legal writing and speaking are the fundamental skill set of a lawyer. Knowing the law is not enough. A lawyer should be able to express it in a way that he can persuade the judge or jury in his client’s favor. This skill is basic yet needs to be hone through time, experience and practice.

Great lawyers are hard to find but for sure they are just out there. Hence, when you need someone to take care of your legal transactions and problems, do not just settle for a lawyer. It is best to find a great lawyer.